It’s Easier to Ask Forgiveness at 2424 Evarts

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“It’s easier to ask forgiveness than to beg for permission” seems to apply to the way things happen in Ward 5.  In this case it applies to the home of the new DPR work site coming to 2424 Evarts Street. That was the sentiment that came out of last weeks ANC 5C meeting. The lease is signed. The deal is done. And all the residents of ANC 5C can do is wait for some future meetings to solicit “community input”.  If they really wanted community input they would have asked sooner. Those of us who live in that block enjoy not having dump trucks rumbling through in the mornings. That’s how it was a few short months ago when the lot across housed dump trucks, snow plows, and other heavy equipment.

Kevin Mullone, ANC 5C02 Chairperson, could only express his disappointment that neighborhood engagement was taking place after the fact. Khalil Thompson, Department of General Services (DGS), seemed sincere expressing his apologies for the lack of commuuity involvement. However, how much effort does it take to consider the community when making these decisions? Especially if you value your  constituents.

S Street vs Evarts

But what was the need? That’s probably the most frustrating part of this entire thing. Is Logan Circle more improtant than Woodridge? One can oly speculate when DGS states, ” The District has detemined that it is in the District’s best ingterest to relocate DPR’s equipment and fleet vegivcles to a warehouse space and to develop the S Street location, given the comercially desirable location and market value of the S Street property.” It only takes a few snapshots below to put that statement in context.

DPR S Street Location S Street Homes Hofbrau Munchen Hofbrau Munchen & DPR Corner of 13th & S Corner of 14th & S

Is it Easier to Ask Forgiveness?

That’s the question we need to start asking ourselves. What concessions are DPR and DGS willing to make after the fact? What enhancements can be brought to the neighborhood to make the insult more platable? We won’t know if we dont ask. Stay tuned to follow up meetings on this issue. If we cant make it harder to ask forgiveness let’s try and make it costly.

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