Added Security for DC Residence!

Private Security Camera Voucher Program!

On Thursday June 1st, Mayor Muriel Bowser launched the Private Security Camera Voucher Program, an expansion of the Private Security Camera Incentive Program. Through the program, DC residents who either rent or own a property and receive public assistance under the District of Columbia Public Assistance Act of 1982 will be eligible to receive a private security camera system without cost. The Mayor is currently working with the DC Council to expand eligibility for the program, and District seniors will be able to receive private security cameras through the Safe at Home program. Mayor Bowser was joined at the launch by the Director of the Office of Victim Services and Justice Grants Michelle Garcia.

“Today, we are building on the success of the Private Security Camera Incentive Program and giving more residents access to technology that can help make not just homes, but entire blocks safer,” said Mayor Bowser. “This program is a great example of how the DC government can work together with the community to create a safer, stronger DC.”

Mayor Bowser originally introduced legislation to create the camera incentive program in 2015 as part of her comprehensive public safety agenda, “Safer, Stronger DC.” Since the program was launched in February 2016, over 2,200 applications for rebates have been approved, funding over 5,500 cameras across all eight wards.

More information about the Private Security Camera Voucher Program is available at  , and

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