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The DC Voice launched its website on October 31, 2014 with the article below. We are reprinting this article as part of our 4-year Anniversary. We have reached nearly 20,000 readers, over 55,000 page views and a current bounce rate of 9.22%. We embarked on this journey to provide a voice for the residents of Ward5 in the District. 

We have been able to continue that journey with the help of several dedicated contributors. We espouse our motto even louder that “The only way to change the narrative is to write the narrative.” In these days of fake news and misdirection that motto is even more important.

So from the Editor and contributors of The DC Voice we say, “Thank You! and Always Forward®” 

By T.G. Freeman October 31, 2014

Chinese Pavillion A Chinese philosopher wrote that “the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” This article is The DC Voice’s first step on what we hope to be a tremendous journey through the widely diverse region bounded by North Capitol Street; Michigan, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Florida, New York, and Eastern avenues; Benning and Riggs roads, and the Anacostia River; called Ward 5 in Washington, D.C. In our case the journey starts with a single page. A single page that will grow over time to capture the joys, hopes, dreams, disappointments, and growth of the constituents of this vast Ward.

Month after month it will string together the neighborhoods as far north as Riggs Park, as far south as Carver-Langston, east to Truxton Circle, and west to Fort Lincoln. At the end of it all we hope you will come to feel the tagline of this site “Ward 5 – #1 in Washington.” But why take on this journey?

I could tell you that there’s some altruistic calling to bring the Ward together to tackle the changes that will inevitably change it forever. It could be to provide a voice to the voiceless who sometimes feel they are screaming into an empty wasteland of political posturing where people are easily left behind for the sake of progress. Or maybe to simply change the pace, ruffle a few feathers, entertain, or just challenge the Ward to know its history.

We haven’t figured out which of those reasons apply but we’ll let you know when we figure it out! For now, let’s take this first step together as The DC Voice starts its journey to highlight the diversity, history, and uniqueness that makes up Ward 5.

By the way, the philosopher was Lao Tzu and the sculpture above, reminiscent of some ancient artifact, resides at The National Arboretum in, where else but, Ward 5 – #1 in Washington!

Chinese Pavillion






Let’s take a walk!



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