Creating a New Path to Securing Economic and Security Partnerships

Posted by on Mar 6, 2018 in Around The City, Mindy Jo News

With the constant change in climate, the “Rebuild, Rethink, Resilience – Lessons for Economic and Security Partnerships,” comes at a celebrated time.  Considering Washington recently made it through #windmageddon which test the city’s infrastructure one blow at a time.  However, Houston has yet to recovery from Hurricane Harvey, along with the Caribbean Islands.

The tariff tax talks have lead to recent turmoil on the hill.  This could likely extend the turn around time for rebuilding efforts to stay on schedule.  Perhaps the rebuilding efforts will be done using American steel.  Moreover, Congresswoman Stacey Plaskett along with Ambassador Selwin Hart intend to continue the conversation centered around examining the needs of the Caribbean post hurricane season and prepare for future natural disasters.

The Caribbean-Central American Action presented the conference which was held March 5, at Organization of American States.  The Embassy of Barbados and the Congressional Caribbean Caucus will examine the political and financial investment needed to rebuild the Caribbean, rethink traditional approaches to disaster preparedness, and advance partnerships for resilience in preparation for future natural disasters.